With a world as complicated but complete as this, how can you not have everything?

Girl With Everything

Girl With Everything

With a world as complicated but complete as this, how can you not have everything?

About Me

I love writing fiction, I think music is an addiction. Have you heard of One Direction? They’re the best, there’s no question. I’m into movies, of course also tv series. I have 5 dogs, I love them but they can sometimes be a drag. When I stare into space I always make a really weird face. But really, who doesn’t? My name is Vedina Grace, welcome to my blog.


Enough with trying to rhyme, my electronic dictionary’s broken. Without anymore unnecessary elaborations,

Hi! I’m Vedina, welcome to my blog.


A little more than five years ago, a thirteen year old black haired girl decided to turn on her brand new laptop and started writing. She wrote and wrote until she ran out of ideas, then formed new ones so she could write again. Five years later, here she is typing these words directly for you.


Three years ago, I decided to pack my bags and fly to Singapore to study. Two years later, that plane took off again and placed me in Melbourne, Australia. After staying in Melbourne for two months, I realized how many interesting moments have come and go in my life living all alone outside my country. So one day I thought that maybe, just maybe, combining my passion for writing and all this exciting things that I have, maybe an even more exciting thing can happen from it.



So I decided to build Girl With Everything. I write about everything that I’m passionate about. Books and movies, fashion, life in general abroad and at home, and relationships.


I don’t have the fanciest camera nor the skill of faking that I have. I can’t drop everything and travel to exotic places for a blog post. I’m probably not going to wear branded clothing to catch people’s attention. But I can definitely write a badass book review. I can definitely share a simple trip to some random beach and made it sound like I just came back from Bora Bora. And I also can help you on how to minimize your living budget while staying abroad for a long time (Since after all, I’ve been studying abroad all alone since I was fifteen years old).



So by all means, please, jump of this train with me and follow my adventures through this blog.


~Vedina Grace